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giugno 08, 2016 - AutoEmotionen

2016 Porsche 911 Carrera S Review - the emotional machine

272 hp and 3,6 l behind you. This was benchmark when i launched my automotive carreer at #porsche. Right, back in 1993, #porsche came up with the 993, which in my opinion saved the company and is still a part of where it is today. Back to the presence - 3,0 l, Twinturbo. Sweaty hands when i arrived in Zuffenhausen after 15 years of absence. It was a hot day but the reason was something else - to get behind the wheel of fortune and feel the spirit, the undiluted #porsche spirit. And even after all those years,you feel at home after entering the cockpit. There is no question how to operate it, everything is there where i remember it to be. Ok, key left side, drag the top down and start the 420 horses. Vrooom, immediate i push the nice button with the exhaust signs on it. Leaving the factory, heading home like years ago with clients or by myself. The outstanding performance, the optional PCCB is doing a lunatic job. Sport response is soemthing amazing, as soon as you hit the button, you heartr rate will climb according to the turboboost. It is all about emotions, sound, performance and safety. In no specific order. Mix it and have fun like i do. `Nuff said. Enjoy my first impressions and stay tuned for more to come with #porsche.

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