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novembre 03, 2016 - AutoVideoReview

Driving Report: Audi TT RS 2016 TT Coupe and the TT Roadster

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Just by looking at the numbers you can already get a pretty good idea of how the new #audi #ttrscoupe and the #audi #ttrsroadster are going to drive. Equipped with the new 2.5 litre 5-cylinder engine with 400hp and all-wheel drive, the TT #coupe accelerates from zero to 100 in just 3.7 seconds; The TT Roadster does the same in just 0.2 seconds more. Lars Hoenkhaus tested both versions of the new #audi TT RS around the Spanish capital Madrid and on the Jarama Race Track – including the launch control, of course. Source: http://autovideoreview.com

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