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dicembre 22, 2017 - Porsche

Back to Tape (2/7)

Comunicato Stampa disponibile solo in lingua originale. 

Six cities, ten artists, a car and a good deal of rap: In a series of guest interviews on #Porsche Newsroom, #nikohuls, boss of the German hip-hop magazine Backspin, reports on his road trip across Germany. More impressions can be found on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #Porschexbackspin as well as on the BACKSPIN TVYouTube channel.

“Advanced Chemistry”, released in summer 2016, is the title of the highly acclaimed fourth studio album from Beginner, rap crew centred around Jan Delay, Denyo and DJ Mad. On this hugely successful record by the boys from my hometown Hamburg, the trio pay homage to 1990s “deutsch rap” – and specifically the group with the same name as the record led by #tonil, #Torch, #Linguist, #geeone and #djmikemd. In the early years of German hip hop, Advanced Chemistry, or “AC”, became the voice of a growing youth culture and the reason why successive generations would choose this culture to express themselves – and build a career. The fundamental hip-hop concepts of rap, DJing, breakdancing and graffiti have always remained at the centre of this culture.

Advanced Chemistry: greater than the sum of its parts

Advanced Chemistry from Heidelberg was not primarily a pure rap crew, more an amalgamation of different elements of the culture, which essentially formed the blueprint for proper understanding of hip-hop. The joining together of different molecules to become more than the sum of the individual parts – this is the meaning behind the band name, which originated in the UK and under which the 1992 single “Fremd im eigenen Land” (Foreign in my Own Country) was released, the first real hit for underground “deutsch rap”. It's a matter of honour that Heidelberg and #tonil, aka "The Godfather", should definitely feature in my hip-hop journey through Germany.

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