december 23, 2017 - Four Seasons

Four Seasons Hotel Bogota debuts Nemo, a new restaurant in collaboration with famed colombian chef Harry Sasson

People all over the world visit Harry Sasson’s restaurants when they look for a taste of good international and local cuisine when visiting Colombia. The globally-renowned Colombian Chef #harrysasson has six restaurants operating in Bogota and one in Cartagena. In an effort to offer the best for its guests, Four Seasons #hotel Bogota, in one of the best locations in the city is now home to a new restaurant in collaboration with #harrysasson.

The Story Behind Sasson’s Brand

Harry Sasson has been recognised as one of the best in its class and its name is already identified with high-quality restaurants and products. #harrysasson is a name that became a brand.

After finishing his professional career and his internship with an hotelier background, Sasson traveled to Canada, where he learned from great chefs, who opened his view and made him come back to his country with a clear vision of what he wanted. He squared his whole idea and he set up his first restaurant, The H.Sasson - Wok & Satay Bar. After years of very successful operation, Sasson decided to make a change and he gathered the recipes he liked the most and opened a new concept, Harry Sasson's Restaurant, a must-visit place in Bogota and recently ranked #17 on Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants list.

Nemo’s Exquisite Offerings

Sasson named #nemo restaurant after his father’s nickname, as a way to honour him. The restaurant offers 153 seats for lunch and dinner. Group buyout for breakfast, lunch and dinner is available six days a week, and only for lunch on Sundays.

Nemo is an all-compassing exhibition kitchen experience. The focus is a three metre (ten foot) long custom charcoal oven from Spain allowing the chef to prepare multiple cuts of meat at different temperatures, all seared with a robust charcoal flavour.  The menu offering is international bar and grill style. Aged meats, fish and garnishes appeal to a wide Colombian palate, presented in large portions and family style.

The beverage offering is sophisticated with all the basics executed to perfection. Large pour 1.5 -2.5 ounce drinks are a Sasson signature. Bottle #service is tableside for high end pours. Mixologists are on hand to create signature cocktails for Nemo's guests as well.