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aprile 08, 2016 - Piecha

PIECHA's convertible module guarantees the perfect season

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Summer, sun, it's time for the convertible: PIECHA from Rottweil guarantees an even more comfortable ride with its Vario roof module. The company has been specialising in convertible and roadster vehicles for decades, and since January 2015 it has also been the official development and competence centre for mods4cars Vario roof modules, the market leader for add-on convertible top control modules. Its outstanding feature: the roof can even be opened and closed whilst driving, and can be controlled with the original remote key fob.

Open-top driving is a genuine passion for lots of people. Now, PIECHA's Vario roof module is enhancing this fun driving experience since it offers considerably more high-end functions. For example, the module is equipped with a USB port, which enables the device to be docked to the local PC. This means that users can conveniently satisfy any potential requirement for additional features themselves, with free device software updates via the internet – a unique service in this product segment. Driving is guaranteed to be fun with PIECHA, because the Vario roof can be opened and closed while driving* up to a freely programmable maximum speed of 60 km/h. The one-touch operation means that the driver only needs to briefly tap the convertible top switch and the Vario roof responds completely automatically. Of course, the roof can also be operated via the convertible top internal switch and the standard vehicle key. Moreover, each setting in the convenient menu navigation can be read on the display. 

Installation takes only around 20 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the vehicle model. Detailed illustrations along with the clear installation instructions make installation really easy, with no need to cut any cables. Obviously, all the standard safety functions remain intact. The professional module technology also functions with very low quiescent current consumption. TÜV registration is not required.

* does not apply to all models; e.g. for #ferrari California only possible while stationary

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