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maggio 04, 2016 - Goldvish

The New Goldvish Eclipse

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Geneva, May 2016 - Exactly 10-years after the release of the first #goldvish mobile phone - the first solid golden phone ever brought to market - #goldvish launches a completely new sophisticated smart phone: The 'Goldvish Eclipse', a unique handmade masterpiece. 
This new Swiss-made mobile phone is designed from scratch by a team of designers. The backside of the phone is covered in carefully selected exotic leather and a framework of precious metals finalizes the design. The phone comes with a scratch-resistant 5,5 inch capacitive touchscreen, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with four cores, 3GB of RAM, standard memory of 64GB and a battery lifetime with over 250 hrs of standby time. Several services are added, like a state-of-the-art encryption service for secure calls between 2 #goldvish phones.
The #eclipse will be available in a limited number of styles carefully chosen by the #goldvish design team, starting at €6.800,-. More styles and limited editions will be introduced during the year. Beside this standard Eclipse-models, it is possible to customize the model to your personal preferences and wishes on request. Bespoke models can be equipped with a frame of 18ct. gold, with pave diamond surfaces, a wide range of colors and leathers to choose from and personal engravings to make each #product unique. A personal #goldvish assistant will be appointed to each customization customer to help him or her in the 'design-process' and is available during the lead time of the order and for aftermarket services.
"During a decade the brand #goldvish has become the synonym for ultimate quality and style", says Tim van der Roest, Director Marketing & Sales at #goldvish. More exciting models and products will be added to the collection later this year".
About GoldvishFounded in Geneva in 2003, within the heart of the Swiss watchmaking industry, #goldvish was incorporated by a creative team with extensive track records in watch design, technology, #product development and entrepreneurship, with a company mission to create unique masterpieces that stand out from the crowd and can be defined as exquisite luxury. Since the incorporation the company aims to deliver the world's best personal luxury communication products for its customers by combining four distinctive worlds: exclusive jewelry, haute couture, excellent craftsmanship and the ever-developing world of technology.
A decade later, #goldvish still leads the ultra-premium luxury mobile phone market when it comes to exclusivity, making products of such precision and elegance that many have become collectors' items in their own right. By their very nature, each #goldvish is a rare object, with some phones handcrafted as one-off, bespoke pieces, and whole collections often produced in their hundreds, rather than the millions associated with mass market phones. #goldvish allows customers to create something as individual as they are. Customers can choose from different colors, leathers, metals, gem-stones and finishes to create a unique exquisite masterpiece.

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