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maggio 10, 2016 - Lzf

Life Size Dreams Found in the Koi, Elephant and Fish

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What size can a lamp be? The Life Sizecollection from #lzf Lampscompletely re-engineers the concept of what a lamp can be, both in shape and size. Dreaming big, #lzf Lab worked with award-winning Spanish illustrator and designer Isidro Ferrer to createthe Elephant and Fish floor lamps, then with Inocuo The Sign from Barcelonato createthe Koi pendant lamp.

All three lights are wonderfully surreal, their sculptural forms conjuring notions of a fantasy world filled with possibilities and treasures.LZF is now thrilled to present the Koi, Elephantand Fishlamps in magical Life Size, a new product line connected with the idea of dreams. Typical of LZF’s craft, all three lights are handmade from wood.

In a beautiful and bizarre series of images, we find each giant light in a dreamlike state, placed in the rooms of what might have been an old palace, a palazzo or alcazar. A one-time magnificent residence, now dilapidated and in ruin, we imagine it to have been a home to members of high society or royalty. Across a series of vivid vignettes, we find LZF’s Life Size lights perfectly composed among the detritus and our imagination is given the freedom to frame each narrative.

The mighty Koi hangs in splendour over a fabled dining scene that isstrewn with the remnants of a magnificent feast. The Elephant stands upright and tall, doubtlessly curious about the bunnies running around its feet. The friendly Fish with legs perched by a billowing curtain, as though having just made a grand entrance. And with LZF’s premise that dreaming is very much like walking barefoot, notice the discarded shoes in each picture.Dreams tease and tickle, taunt and torment.

Awake, they are moments of pleasure and ambition, taking us to places beyond the here and now, away from the humdrum and the ordinary. Asleep, they are unconstrained and given free rein to create and curate a bizarre world of places and people and things. Explaining the dreams we have in slumber has taxed many a mind over the years. In the case of MrSigmund Freud, the inventor of psychoanalysis, he considered dreams to be "the royal road to the knowledge of the unconscious”.

Mr Freud spent a lifetime thinking about and interpreting dreams. He determined that the dreams we have as we sleep result fromnot achieving the dreams we have when wide awake.Whatever the case, LZF’s new Life Size light creations allow us to dream big. Placed in the hall of a skyscraper, in the corridors of a children’s hospital, in the rest area of a museum orin a restaurant dining environment, they will fill that place with magic.

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