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giugno 20, 2016 - Elemental

The Elemental Rp1: advanced aerodynamics delivers 400kg of downforce at 150mph

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  • Latest tests show that the Rp1 capable of generating 400kg-plus of downforce at 150mph in standard road-driving configuration
  • Advanced aerodynamic package designed to set new benchmarks in terms of grip, stability and speed when cornering
  • Core design philosophy of the Rp1 centred around lightweight and aerodynamic structures to deliver a thrilling driving experience on both road and track
  • Elemental’s highly engineered underbody aerodynamics negates the need for any upperbody wings or spoilers
  • Rp1’s feet-up driving position accommodates a powerful Race Car inspired front diffuser.
  • See the production-specification Elemental Rp1 in action across all four days at the Goodwood Festival of Speed between 23-26 June

Hampshire, 20 June 2016: The eagerly anticipated Elemental Rp1 is capable of generating 400kg of downforce at 150mph after the performance of the final Hampshire-based manufacturer’s design was confirmed by London Computing Solutions (LCS).

The 500bhp/tonne Rp1 has undergone extensive testing and development in the MIRA wind tunnel and #elemental has sought to verify the efficiency of the sports car’s aerodynamics by utilising the very latest in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) techniques and further real-world validation on both the test track and the road.

The Rp1 features one of the most advanced aerodynamics packages of any road-going track car and it began from the very conception of the car. The driving position and packaging is key to engineering a the racecar-inspired floor that runs from the very front of the car to the trailing edge, carefully managing the flow front the front and generating downforce.

Adopting this layout allowed #elemental to engineer an advanced front diffuser on the underside of the car, which channels the air from the front of the car outwards behind the front wheels. Extending from behind the front diffuser to the rear axles is a completely flat floor, which conditions the air flow as it exits from underneath the car through the rear diffuser.

John Begley, Founder and Technical Director, said: “The geometry of the aerodynamics has been designed so that we wouldn’t need to use any upperbody spoilers or wings, which add incremental weight and drag. TheRp1’s exterior shape is smooth and aerodynamic in design already, but coupled with the front splitter plus front and rear diffusers, we were able to apply the highly efficient ground-effect principles by engineering this complete system underneath the car.”

CFD simulations were performed by Aerodynamics Consultants Apex Aero throughout the development and this delivered a unique insight into how the air passes around and under the car. This technical partnership allowed the design to be optimised and validated with wind tunnel testing. The performance of the final design at normal road running conditions has recently been confirmed by LCS at an impressive 400kg at 150mph and it is expected that more performance will come from a lower, aggressive track set up.

Elemental has recently completed its first production-specification #rp1 at its new factory in Hambledon, Hampshire with this landmark first car set to make its dynamic debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed between 23-26 June.

Mark Fowler, Co-founder and Bodywork and Aerodynamics Lead, said: “The aerodynamics package is a fundamental part of the Rp1’s performance and our partnership with CFD consultants Apex Aero and LCS has allowed us to optimise the design, ensure the harmony of the aerodynamic devices and confirm the performance. The Rp1’s unique set-up allows the driver to take corners at higher speeds with confidence and ensuring it is truly engaging and exciting to drive.”

As well as the car driving up the Hillclimb, #elemental will have its second production car on display at its stand at the Goodwood Festival of Speed located within the exhibition area. Come and learn more about one of the most eagerly anticipated and advanced sports cars that will hit the market in 2016.

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