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ottobre 14, 2016 - Manooi design

Halo is available in vertical version now!

Comunicato Stampa disponibile solo in lingua originale. 

We are glad to announce that our Halo crystal chandelier is also available in verticallysuspended version from now. Thanks to its light and minimal #design, you can be sure of always being elegant but never overpowering the interior #design.

Halo was presented at the Light and Building trade fair in Frankfurt this year. The new product of the #manooi collection designed by János Héder gets his name from the optical phenomenon that one can sometimes observe in the sky, forming a circle encompassing the Sun or occasionally the Moon. It forms as the sunlight is refracted in millions of randomly oriented hexagonal ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere.

János designed Halo with the intention to keep an apparent insubstantiality by using a minimum of matter without ever compromising with the quality and the effect rendered. Halo combines modern, high-quality LED as light source, directed outwards along the lamp curve, and the most luxurious crystal brand, Swarovski.

Whether arranged in horizontal, vertically or angled position, Halo will be a real eye-catcher when different diameters are combined. Suitable for open space or close to a ceiling, Halo is perfect for hotel lobbies, office receptions or even private residences. In fact, there are no limitations as to where Halo can be positioned due to the variety of diameter or the many composition possibilities with various rings suspended at different distances from one to the other.