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febbraio 17, 2017 - Porsche

Splitting a Panamera to save lives

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Fire services regularly work with fire #service schools at "observer meetings" to revise and optimise their existing guidelines. The latest meeting in Nuremberg focused on the technical procedure for rescuing people from new vehicles. This involves freeing people from an automobile wreckage using tools like large shears and spreaders. In order to turn theory into practice, #porsche provided the emergency services with a new #panamera from the pre-production stage. This was a vehicle that had already served its purpose in internal diagnostic tests. “Automobile manufacturers create ‘rescue sheets’ for their vehicles to help the emergency services when they need to rescue people”, explains Alexander Grenz from the department Technical #service. These documents show the specific model and indicate the key components, like the fuel tank, battery and high-voltage components. They also contain additional technical information. “This makes it easier for the rescue team to help people quickly and safely at the scene”, says Grenz.

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