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maggio 15, 2017 - Porsche

The design of the 911

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The first #911 set down the basic layout that is still evident today. For example, the lateral lines, the #design of the fastback, the shape of the side windows, the free-standing front wings with the flat front bonnet in between – these are some core features of its #design.

The #911 has a unique iconography that has even found its way into the collective memory and consciousness. Only a few vehicle models have managed to become such an #automotive icon. People need time to perceive new things, to accept them and finally to covet them. If the product is redesigned at this point, it cannot become an icon. Throughout its five decades of evolution, the #911 has succeeded in this. It is not only a benchmark for other sports cars in terms of its driving dynamics: an important part of the #911 legend is undoubtedly the timeless #design of the model line. Many people even consider it to be the “perfectly proportioned sports car”, as one #design critic once put it. Without a doubt, Ferdinand Alexander #porsche was onto something special when he designed the #911. In so doing he established a #design culture that continues to characterise sports car construction to this day.

Every #porsche carries a piece of the #911 philosophy

During all seven model generations, the #911 was always modern but never fashionable. Which is to be expected for a true classic. This is what the designers are trying to achieve in designing all current and future #porsche sports cars. Their work is characterised by the search for the essence of a #design history, the roots of which date back to the 1930s. With the Volkswagen “Beetle”, the #porsche #design office introduced a streamlined shape to the masses. In 1939, the Type 64 was developed, the forerunner of all #porsche sports cars. It went into production as the #porsche 356 in 1948.

But with all due respect to the past, designers must not lose sight of the future. The solution lies in making modern enhancements to the shape. This might sound easy, but it is a big challenge for a designer. Although the silhouette of a #911 is unlikely to present a problem, the details are extremely difficult. The #design is extremely sensitive to the slightest change, perhaps precisely because the basic shape is so well-proportioned.

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