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febbraio 14, 2018 - Philip Rosenthal

Rosenthal and Versace celebrate 25 years of an iconic partnership

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Celebrating 25 years of an iconic #partnership: #Rosenthal meets Versace

Gianni #Versace was one of the first designers who understood the importance of creating a brand that had a true lifestyle value. Since then, #Versace has not only been just synonymous with clothes, but, most importantly, with a state of mind.

This year, #Versace and #Rosenthal celebrate the 25th anniversary of collaboration between two of the most renowned brands in their respective fields. A #partnership that has seen the birth of many finest porcelain collections enriched by some of the most iconic #Versace prints.

Rosenthal meets #Versace first adorned the tables around the world in 1992, under the creative direction of Gianni #Versace himself. He believed that, "Versace is a lifestyle and it should be an all-embracing decision for those who choose to adopt it". Gianni's genius has brought the #Rosenthal meets #Versace designs into the future under the Artistic Direction of Donatella #Versace. Her vision of the brand's fashion collections is reinterpreted on the quintessential tableware motifs, making them instantly recognizable.

In celebration of the 25th anniversary, #Rosenthal meets #Versace issues a Limited Edition of spe-cial pieces: 25 plates and tea cups featuring 25 different, legendary designs that made the history of this extraordinary collaboration, in which time, history, myth and culture are forever interwined. 

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