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aprile 24, 2018 - Zeelander

Zeelander involving owners in design process of Z55 Corniche

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- Current clients’ feedback will help developing the initial #design of the next #Zeelander model
- A support coming from the 2018 Rhine Wine & Dine - the very first dedicated event for the current #Zeelander owners 
- Full details of a cabriolet version of the #Zeelander flagship to be released at the end of May 2018

Zeelander Yachts, a leading Dutch shipyard that creates high-end motor yachts with an elegant New York commuter styled profile, have staged the 2018 Rhine Wine & Dine - the very first dedicated event for the current owners to have their support on the #design evolution of the next generation of #Zeelander models.

During the rendezvous, a number of owners of Zeelander Z44 boats gathered on the Rhine River and travelled along as a fleet through enchanting and calm German spring scenery. Most importantly, they discussed the initial drawings of the next model in the #Zeelander range - Z55 Corniche, with the #design and sales teams. The owners gave their valuable inputs on how to develop and maximise improvements of the concept and make it even more attractive, functional and beautiful.
“We have always listened to owners’ feedback, but have never involved them in a way like we are now”, said Leonardo van den Berg, Commercial Director at #Zeelander Yachts.“We used to ask for feedback on their own product. Now we are reaching out to our customers all over the world to involve them with the development. That’s fairly unique for the whole industry.”
Zeelander Yachts’ largest market is the United States but the shipyard is very active in Europe too, with a focus on the French Côte d’Azur. That is why it was decided to give the new project Corniche a more modern South of France appeal. The name comes from the amazing famous seaside road that runs from luxurious resort of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat to Monaco. It is relaxing, yet spectacular – just like the new model should be. The #yacht is going to be an exciting cabriolet version of the 17-meter flagship #Z55. The shipyard will consider the owners’ feedback from the Rhine event and implement it in the #design, interior solutions, materials, etc. As a semi-custom builder, #Zeelander can even make changes during the production, which is a big plus.